UNSW Global Address Book Settings on Thunderbird

While adding UNSW email account to Thunderbird is well documented by the IT department, it is not very clear how to add the Global Address Book.

The address book is helpful when you need to know the right addresses when authoring an email. You can also use it to recon individuals in UNSW.

To get started, open up the Options panel in Thunderbird:

Click Edit Directories... followed by the Add.

Fill these information in. Use your own zID:

Name:        (Anything you want)
Hostname:    ad.unsw.edu.au
Base DN:     DC=ad,DC=unsw,DC=edu,DC=au
Port number: 389
Bind DN:     adunsw\z1234567 (Replace with your zID)

All done! Remember to check the box below so addresses you type in will be checked against the server automatically.