A Level Applied ICT

Here’s some revision materials for A2 Applied ICT (9713). Click the top-right button of the document viewers below to go full-screen!


Chapter 7.1 & 7.2 - Computer Networks

Past exam questions compilation

Note that these compilations are incomplete! All of these files are Word .docx files. If you add even more info to them, please kindly share your edit by emailing the Word file as email attachment to [email protected] 🙂

Practical paper tips

Practical paper takes about 60% of your overall mark. You should concentrate a little more on this paper. Make sure you know the basics because in the exam, you might have to think out of the box. Without the foundation, this is quite impossible.

There is always a few ‘big’ questions towards the end of a part, and that carries about 20-40 marks. (Other questions are around 5 marks) If you can not reach this question because you were stuck in preceding questions, you are unlikely to score this question. For this reason, you must be really good with your practicals!

Make sure that the tutorials/guides in your textbook are at your finger tips. Most of the time you will be asked to:

  • (Access) do a query (difficult!!)
  • (Access) prepare a report
  • (Word) do a mail merge
  • (Excel) Vertical and horizontal lookups
  • (Excel) Create formula (difficult!!)

Report. Do exactly as the question asks. If the question asks you to title a report a certain name, a typo gives you no mark. Note that sometimes you are required to format your report in such a way that you will only print on 1 page. Don’t forget to change your layouts then.

Mail merge. Cambridge is only testing your knowledge on mail merge. You are not doing mail merge for a real company. For that reason, you will most likely to print less than 5 pages in 1 mail merge. If you find yourself printing more than 20 pages, you’re likely to be in trouble! (Imagine: if each candidate in the world were to print 20 pages, how many papers will be wasted for an exam?) Check your filters to see if you left out something.

Good luck for your exams!

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  1. Is it possible for you to get me a word 2010 version of the notes? I am not able to open the files. They must be in Word 2013.
    The topics i am interested in are:

    Chapter 5 – How organisations use ICT 2 Notes
    Chapter 6 – The impact of ICT on society 2 Notes
    Chapter 7 – Computer networks Notes
    Other Paper 3 questions – part 1
    Other Paper 3 questions – part 2

    1. Hi! Thanks for reaching out to me. I noticed clicking on the links with Firefox does not download the files. Rather it displays jibberish contents. If this happens to you, try right-clicking the links and choose ‘Save Link as…’ 🙂

      Otherwise, I have just converted all the files to… (pause for dramatic effect!!)… an even older version of Word – 97-03 format.

      Good luck for your exam! 🙂

    1. Hi!

      Unfortunately I won’t be updating this page any time soon as I have finished my A Level and am busy with other stuff.

      Best of luck, and remember to find patterns in your past year papers! Knowing what to expect is important!

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