Bypassing primitive PDF DRM

When I downloaded a PDF off my university online library, I quickly noticed that it comes with some form of DRM. The file is a direct download, and not through Adobe Digital Editions (a common platform for sharing copyrighted contents). I wanted to see how it works and what it takes to break the protection.

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ITB Kendo Club online system

As some may have known, I am currently the president of Kendo Club in my university. There is actually a lot more work and less glamour than it sounds.

Our student council MPP requests an updated details of our club members quarterly, and it is a pain to get my members to fill in the forms. As university students, we are more often than not busy with coursework and revisions, and thus co-curriculum activities are viewed as stress relievers that get second-rated attention — and that’s the way it should be. However, unfortunately that also means my members might not be able to fill in the forms before the deadline.

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