Hi! Thanks for visiting Misc314 and I hope it has been useful for you in some ways.

Sharing is Caring

Misc314 first launched in 2010 with the intention to share. Today, you can find educational contents as well as software all available without charge. I believe fun should be free!

However, it is not free nor easy to keep this site running. For starters, this domain name costs money. Then, I am also a university student who’s juggling between life and university without a source of income. Having a website is my hobby and sharing knowledge is what I like!

“Why do you need donation?” costs about $10 per year to keep running. That is only the cost of domain as I have opted for a free webhost to keep costs down. Your kind offerings will help to run, or maybe even upgrade, this website. Your money could also be spent on other stuff that I think possess scientific or intellectual value.

Recently I paid for a dedicated IP address as well as signed up for CloudFlare’s free plan — this means that Misc314 now supports HTTPS web encryption! This is important because it keeps any sensitive information from prying eyes. Unfortunately, all of these came out of my own pocket.

Thank You

If you choose to donate, you can type in the amount at your own discretion. Thank you so much and I hope Misc314 has been helpful to you in some ways.

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