JPGRAR Steganography Creator/Extractor

This utility allows you to sneak a RAR/ZIP archive into an image file, to form a so-called JPGRAR file. JPGRAR behaves like normal JPG files.

This is useful for sharing files on image board websites, if you don’t want an external download link to expire.

Download v1.0

How to use

  1. Although it is recommended to pair RAR with JPG, you can pair any file formats you wish. Keep in mind some formats may break and you might get file corrupted errors.
  2. This program attempts to extract RAR archives from JPGRAR or other <img>-RAR files. While almost guaranteed to work for JPGRAR combination, extraction may fail for other image formats. For <img>-ZIP, try to change the image extension to .zip, then open normally with WinZIP, WinRAR or 7-ZIP.

How it works

To create JPGRAR, it runs the following CMD command:

As you can see, the software literally combines two files together. Your computer will display the image and ignore the RAR file, whereas an archive extractor will ignore the image file and only focuses on the RAR portion of JPGRAR. This also means the website to which you upload your JPGRAR must not compress your photo.

To extract JPGRAR, it uses unrar.dll library provided for free by win.rar GmbH. All copyrights to RAR and the unrar.dll are exclusively owned by the author, Alexander Roshal.

Other information

[1.0.0] + Project started.
+ Ability to combine any two formats.
+ Ability to extract RAR archives.
Story behind this utility...
Images are often uploaded and shared on whatever-chan or other similar image board websites. It is, however, harder to share files other than images. It often requires users to upload their files to a separate website, then link to it from their image post.

With JPGRAR, you can sneak an archive inside a picture. The picture displays as normal PLUS you can share your files! Neat, huh!

Icon designer
I did not design the icon. Credits go to Matthew McClintock. This icon is licensed under Design Science License.