KeepIt – URL Bookmarking Service

KeepIt is a URL bookmarking service.

It allows you to quickly save a link on, say, your laptop and quickly retrieve it on, say, your mobile devices on-the-go. There is no restriction on which or how many devices you are using.

Generate your links

How it works

Signing up

To begin using KeepIt, you have to generate an unidentifiable unique ID. You will be given a ‘save’ and ‘retrieve’ link tied to that ID. These two unique links should be bookmarked on all your devices (do not generate again on other devices). It is recommended to put them in your browsers’ bookmark bar.

Saving and Retrieving Links

When you are reading a page you would like to save, clicking the ‘save’ button (on your bookmark bar) stores the URL of the page in our server. You can retrieve the link as many times as you wish on any devices by clicking the ‘retrieve’ link on those devices.

Note that we only store the link of the page you want to save; not the page content itself. You can retrieve your saved link repeatedly, until you save another link, which overwrites the previously saved link. We do not keep a history of your links.


Internal Server Error / Database Error

Since we are on a free host, the reliability of the service is not guaranteed (cry). We apologise if you received these errors but please try again in a few minutes. If you have any other questions, please email me at: wong (at)

Privacy Details

  • Your unique ID does not identify you. It is a MD5 hash of a random number.
  • For maintenance purpose, we record the date you generated the links and the date you last used them.
  • For project insight purpose, we record the number of times you saved/retrieved links.
  • We only store your last saved link. We do not track your browsing habits.
  • Third party service Google reCAPTCHA is used prevent automated sign ups. (This protects our system!)


Thank you for trying out my pet project.

I was looking around for a service that quickly sends an open tab from my computer to mobile phone. Tab sync features do not work since I use different browsers and other services I tried require registering and installing some apps or browser add-ons.

Finally I found an online URL bookmarking service! It had its share of annoyance but it worked flawlessly. Unfortunately, the domain name expired one day and the service sunk into deep sea.

With KeepIt, I completely replicated that service while optimising it for my own needs. One annoyance remain though: you have to bookmark 2 links on all your devices manually. I suppose that’s the drawback of not installing apps.

If you find KeepIt helpful, please consider donating to keep this site running. The donate link can be found in the navigation area. Thanks!

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