Quick Unhide Utility

Quick Unhide Utility IconThis small utility will recover hidden files/directories by attempting to manipulate file attributes.

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How to use

Simple Interface of Quick Unhide Utility

Simply drag all your hidden files into the white box, and hit the ‘Unhide!‘ button. Done!

If you can’t drag your files because they are, well… hidden, you can click the show (eye icon) button to display them on your computer. The conceal (eye with strike) button will reverse the effect.

Alternatively, go to Control Panel and find Folder Options. Make sure ‘Show hidden files, folders, and drivers’ are selected. If you still can’t find your file, uncheck ‘Hide protected operating system files (recommended).‘ You may reverse this changes later.


How it works

It will attempt to remove READONLY, ARCHIVE, SYSTEM and HIDDEN attributes, while adding NORMAL attributes.

Other information

Story behind this utility...
Files and folders can be hidden by malware. A particular malware in my school hides all files on a flash disk, and replaces them with ‘infected’ shortcuts. Non-computer savvy users will not detect this change and will proceed to double-click on the shortcuts. If this is done on another computer, the shortcuts will launch the virus before opening users’ files, thus spreading with minimal detection.

Recovering the hidden files is not as easy as unchecking ‘Hide this file’ in Properties panel. Hence, this software was written.

Icon designer
Credit for the software icon goes to KlukeArt (Miriam Moshinsky). This icon is licensed under Personal Use. The icon used in buttons are variants of Aha-soft‘s design. It is licensed under Commercial Use.

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