Simple Numerical Methods Calculator

Simple Numerical Methods Calc IconThis 1 MB software is useful for Mathematics and Engineering students, for showing all iterative values using:

  • bisection method
  • false position / secant method
  • Newton-Raphson method

Download v1.0

How to use

You can choose any of the three methods. Fill in required details and hit ‘Go.’

Simple Numerical Methods Calc Interface

Simple Numerical Methods - Bisection method screen

Some supported functions / constants:

  • log (natural)
  • ^ (exponential)
  • cos, sin, tan (in radians)
  • sqrt (use x ^ (1/3) for cube root)
  • PI, e


  • Only supports variable x.
  • Roots have to be real.
  • Multiplication * must be explicitly keyed in.
  • For bisection and false position methods, availability of roots are determined based on change of signs.
Simple Numerical Methods Calc - Sample Output
Sample output for x^3 – 3*x – 1 = 0. Answer is last iteration of c column (~1.8794)

 Other information

[1.0] + Project started
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